We choose carefully the materials we use in our constructions, to ensure quality, durability and aesthetic.
All the materials that are used for the required work will have top quality and will be in accordance with the current regulations and standards of the ministry of Public Works and Industry. The materials are tested before their use by the supervising engineer and if they are declared as unfit, they are removed. The work is performed by technicians who are perfectly trained and qualified.

  • The bearing skeleton of the building is made of reinforced concrete grade C 16-20 and the quality of steel reinforcement is S500s of the SIDENOR company. The placing of the concrete and the placement of steel reinforcement are performed on the basis of the instructions of the supervising engineer, with special care to static stability of the project based on the existing regulations and the standards of the Greek Concrete Regulations and the Earthquake Regulations. The quality of the prepared concrete is checked regurarly by taking and crushing concrete specimens.
  • The exterior windows are made of aluminum from the company ALTEC.
  • The sanitary ware are from the company IDEAL STADART of Italy
  • The bath and wash basin batteries are European-style, chrome, thermomixed.
  • Kitchens are from the company SCAVOLINI.